School Stream: Primary Routines



School Stream Pre-Choreographed Package: Primary Routines

FISAF Australia has developed a pre-choreographed routine for both Primary and Secondary age divisions. These routines are provided with a set piece of music, a routine move breakdown, a digital video of the routine, and a dedicated section in which these teams compete. The School Stream Pre-Choreographed packages are designed for school teachers or new coaches who are new to sport aerobics. The dedicated entry-level competition sections are suited to athletes and teams who are new to the sport. The School Stream Pre-Choreographed packages assists in the development of technique and execution of choreography and entry-level skills.

Package inclusions:

  • Full professionally choreographed competition routines
    • Primary Routines:
      • Prep – Yr. 1
      • Yr. 1 – Yr. 2
      • Yr. 3 – Yr. 4 – Novice
      • Yr. 3 – Yr. 4 – Advanced
      • Yr. 5 – Yr. 6 – Novice
      • Yr. 5 – Yr. 6 – Advanced
  • Routine videos on USB including full routine facing back, full routine facing front & breakdown of each routine section
  • Professionally mixed routine musicĀ  (Mp3 Music Files on USB)
  • Bound booklet including a sample lesson plan, basic training tips & full choreography notes


$250 + Postage & Handling

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